Monday, 30 November 2015

ISTM Translate - Issue 3: Rehabilitation

The latest issue of the ISTM Translate magazine is now available in digital and print format.  The theme focus for this issue is rehabilitation.

There are contributions from Dr Dimitra Blana, Dr Ed Chadwick, Professor Peter Ogrodnik, Professor Anand Pandyan, Dr Claire Stapleton and Dr Caroline Stewart, among others.  Articles include...
  • Long term results in novel surgery:  Improving walking in children with cerebral palsy
  • Moving forward in partnership:  Updating the clinical biomechanics & movement lab
  • The Internet of Orthopaedics:  Developing a faster and cheaper alternative to fracture clinics
  • Personalising rehabilitation:  Computer models designing personalised interventions
  • Visualising blood flow:  Working towards a clinical tool using ultrasound
  • Rehabilitation Science Launches Innovative, new programme
  • Spotlight:  The people behind ISTM
  • Global outlook:  Developing closer ties with Saudi Arabia
  • Local outreach:  Promoting research in the local community
By clicking here you can access the online digital version of Translate Issue 3.  Alternatively you can request a paper copy by contacting:
Joseph Clarke (+44 (0)1782 674998  | 

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