Thursday, 17 March 2016

FAST-INdICATE trial update

Sue Hunter and her team have now finished recruiting participants to the NIHR/MRC funded FAST-INdICATE trial, a multi-site Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) of functional strength training for the arm and hand after stroke; They have successfully met their target of 288 participants across the 3 sites (Norfolk, Birmingham and North Staffordshire) by the end of January 2016, which was the deadline for recruitment.  Their participants will still undergo follow-up assessments and this will continue until June/July 2016.  The team have been complimented as a site by the trial manager on their consistent level of recruitment and on the quality of their data/records - so they have every reason to be proud of themselves. Data is still being collected and processed in preparation for analysis. Sue Hunt the Principle Investigator for the North Staffordshire site said "Thank you to everyone who has been or continues to be part of this team - all the hard work is very much appreciated!"  Further details about the trial can be found on the team's website:

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