Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Successful Guy Hilton Research Centre Open Afternoon

Dr Paul Roach (Left) and Dr Ed Chadwick (Right) introduce themselves.
Last week, ISTM held a successful open afternoon for people interested in studying a post-graduate degree in Medical Engineering. The Open afternoon attracted a good intake of participants from a range of different backgrounds. The participants were able to learn about the School of Medicine's MSc courses in Biomedical Engineering and Cell and Tissue Engineering, and learnt about the cutting edge research being carried out by the Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine. They also had the chance to see state of the art laboratories and talk to current and former students and researchers.

Dr Ed Chadwick, who organised the event along with Dr Paul Roach, said "We were delighted to see such strong interest in our research and the courses we offer from the Keele undergraduate community and those from the wider region that were able to join us.  People often have a fairly vague idea of what medical engineering comprises, and it was really nice to see that they were genuinely interested and indeed excited by what we do. The people who work in the area are typically from really diverse academic backgrounds, and this was reflected in the people attending. The day was definitely a success with really strong interest, and we look forward to doing it again!"

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