Wednesday, 21 September 2016

ISTM Translate - Issue 4: Nanopharmaceutics

The latest issue of the ISTM Translate magazine is now available in digital and print format. The theme focus for this issue is nanopharmaceutics.

There are contributions from Dr Clare Hoskins, Dr Anthony Curtis, as well as other members of the Keele Nanopharmaceutics Group.  Articles include...

· Medicine at the small scale:  The exponential growth in nanopharmaceutics

· Programming death in cancer cells:  Novel technologies improving long-term prognosis

· The great solubility challenge:  Investigating potential in targeted drug delivery

· Theranostic Advances:  The knowledge and fabrication of nanotechnologies

· Nanopharmaceutics Symposium:  Successful second annual event at Keele University

· Spotlight:  The people behind ISTM

· Public engagement:  Bringing research closer to people

· Taking advantage of change:  A new streamlined Institute structure for ISTM

By clicking here you can access the online digital version of Translate Issue 4. Alternatively you can request a paper copy by contacting:
Joseph Clarke
+44 (0)1782 674998 |

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