Tuesday, 21 February 2017

ISTM 2015/16 Annual Report

ISTM is proud to present it's 2015/16 Annual Report...

Professor Alicia EL Haj
(Former Director of ISTM)

It is always good to reflect on the year and take stock of the progress and challenges we have faced. Overall, ISTM has had an excellent year with significant advances in our research, an increase in the number staff publishing in top journals, a strong cohort of graduating postgraduate students and a clear rise in our external recognition.

The Institute continues to be globally recognised for excellent multi-disciplinary biomedical and bioengineering research with a much heralded formula of interdisciplinary working in a hospital environment. In addition, our grant income from research council and other funding sources is expanding with the aid of our first class research administrative team. Our increase in research income resulting from an outstanding REF result is especially pleasing and has provided support for new initiatives.

With the changing enterprise agenda on campus, we have been working to expand our outreach and enterprise activities from within the Institute. Our networking with Industry continues to grow with the Impact agenda an important part of our portfolio.

This year has seen a lot of changes in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences and the structure of the Institute as a whole. No organisation can stand still and new programmes and initiatives need to come through aiming towards the next REF in 2020. Nick Forsyth has taken on the leadership of ISTM looking forward. I am passing the Institute leadership into excellent hands and I hope you all will support him as well as you have supported me.

Professor Nicholas R Forsyth
(Director of ISTM)

This has been a year of change including one where the Faculty changed its name! Changing from the Faculty of Health to the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences (FMHS). The role of Institute Director, though daunting, is one which I had no hesitation in putting myself forward for and was grateful to accept following on from interview. It is naturally important to acknowledge Professor Alicia El Haj and the substantial energy she has committed to the Institute during her two periods as Director. Her drive and ambitions have helped us cement and improve our standing thus far and collectively the Institute has continued to go from strength-to-strength.

Through the pages of this Annual Report it is our aim to represent the dynamism readily apparent across the Institute. ISTM in numbers (Page 4) illustrates many of our key metrics and also begins to take stock of our fledgling social media presence. Highlights (Pages 6-13) paints a broad picture of the news and events from across the past year, acknowledging new appointments and promotions, and celebrating funding successes and our growing global networks. The Report also reviews our individual research themes, key publications, our international activities, and much more.

Finally, and most importantly, I’d like to extend my thanks to all the Institute’s staff and members for their hard work and initiative over the last 12-months.

Click here to read the full report.

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