Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Rehabilitation research: join the revolution

Dr Ed Chadwick gave an invited talk at a fascinating Keele event this morning headlined: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution – what every business needs to know”.

Ed’s talk on Personalised Healthcare Devices described how his research with collaborators in the UK and USA is presenting opportunities for new rehabilitation devices and regimes, for example to help amputees and stroke survivors. The audience enjoyed a breakfast in the Great Hall followed by talks in the Salvin Room at Keele Hall, showing how the world is embarking on the next revolution in industry as manufacturing connects with the digital age.
And those previous three revolutions (in case you missed them):
First Industrial Revolution (c1700 to 1870 in Europe and America) – steam power and industrialisation
Second Industrial Revolution (c1870 to 1914) – mass production and electrical power
Third Industrial, or Digital Revolution (1980s to today) - from analogue and mechanical to digital device technology
Fourth Industrial Revolution (now) – digital technology embeds within society and the human body


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