Thursday, 15 June 2017

€2million European Space Agency grant awarded to consortium

A consortium including ISTM's Professor Peter Ogrodnik have been awarded a €2million European Space Agency grant as a part of a consortium to establish a true, high integrity Internet of Things (IoT) solution for healthcare. This award has built on over 25 years' research conducted at Keele and the Royal Stoke University Hospital examining fracture healing. In the first instance they will be implementing an IoT solution for remote monitoring of broken tibiae (shins) post-operatively. This innovation could mean the end of repeated out-patient appointments and could also lead to measurable improvements in outcomes for the patient, the clinician and the healthcare provider. In addition, they will be reducing bed stays with an innovative IoT solution for the preoperative management of ankle fractures. The consortium brings together expertise from AT Kearney Ltd , SlamJam Ltd, Keele University, Oracle, and Intel.

left to right are the consortium members, Prof Ogrodnik, Alistair Taylor, Prof Thomas, John Lindup, Susan Hartman, Nathan Grant, Matthew Ockenden, and Mark Freeman.


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