Thursday, 21 May 2015

International Clinical Trials Day

Abby and Katie talk research

A team of staff, students and post-graduates, represented ISTM at a public exhibition in the foyer of the Royal Stoke University Hospital on Wednesday.  The gathering provided a showcase for a wide range of clinical trials in which Keele University is involved in.  The team from ISTM engaged with a wide and varied audience that included patients and school children as well as clinicians, students and even the Hospital's Chief Executive, Mark Hackett.  The event provided a unique opportunity to raise the Institute's profile and to promote some of the work and research that goes on there.

Faiza and Matt helping to promote ISTM

The event was organised by the University Hospital of North Midlands R&D Office as part of International Clinical Trials Day, held each year on 20 May to commemorate the day that James Lind began his trials into the causes of scurvy while serving as a surgeon on the ship HMS Salisbury. Lind fed members of the crew different diets in a controlled study, laying the foundation for the clinical trial as we know it today.

Helpers included (LtoR)Yanny Baba Ismail, Abigail Rutter & Katie Bardsley, as well as Mathew Dunn, Faiza Musa. Yvonne Reinwald, Anthony  Deegan and Joseph Clarke

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