Monday, 1 June 2015

Keele Community Day

Keele Community Day provided another opportunity this month for ISTM to engage with the public and to help raise the Institute's public profile in more valuable outreach work.  The rain couldn't keep people away on Sunday, with a large turnout and a constant stream of people visiting the ISTM table in the Chancellor's Building.  Children and adults alike were keen to speak to Paul Roach and Joseph Clarke regarding the Institute's research activities and to learn more about the 3D printer that was on show.  Visitors were able to view lay posters from the recent ISTM Post Graduate Symposium as well as watch the 3D printer at work, printing out models of body parts, after which visitors were tested on their knowledge of the anatomy.  A* for those that were able to identify the ear bones!

Paul Roach demonstrating his 3D printer
Over at the MacKay Building, members of the ISTM Rehab theme also joined forces with staff and students from the School of Health and Rehabilitation to show visitors some of the biomedical technology used for assessing human movement. People had a go at testing their balance, looked at how symmetrical they were during rowing, and were able to visualise the activity of their muscles using a technique known as electromyography. Kids in particular really enjoyed seeing their muscles working and we were impressed by how much some of the young ones seemed to know!

A student demonstrating the measurement of muscle activity with electromyography 

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